Chef Collin Brown can work with an establishment for a short period of time – vary a menu and create a buzz.
He brings certified, experienced and professional help. Restaurant owners and chefs although having years of experience, sometimes need an event, and overhaul to create pizzazz. Your customers will notice the difference.

If your specials aren’t selling, the menu’s outmoded and there’s no creativity in your culinary concepts, Chef Collin Brown’s goal is to review everything, from suppliers and storage to preparation and presentation, food handling practices, cost and flow.

He will provide beautiful dishes and train your staff how to do them. What’s on those plates is your centerpiece; if those plates keep coming back to the kitchen half-consumed, that’s your profits consumed by waste.

Stop and take stock and try someone different. You will not regret it.

You may be a hotel establishment where clients are requesting Caribbean Cuisine.  Call Chef Collin Brown to assist with all aspects of menu planning, supply and preparation.